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    WI: The Soviet Union won the Cold War?

    What does "winning the Cold War" even mean?
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    WI General Conrad von Hotzendorf gets run over by a horse in 1892?

    I remember @wiking on the Other Place doing a thought experiment where AH doesn't completely balls up autumn 1914. Can't remember the PoD for that but not having Hotzendorf in charge probably helps with that. A brief scan of his wiki suggests that, as he was a favoured choice of Franz Ferdinand...
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    WI: Prime Minister Jimmy Savile in 1995

    Lords don't become PM from the House of Lords. You wouldn't get PM Saville without him become a MP first.
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    AHC/WI: Prime Minister John Redwood in 1995

    With Clarke in charge of the Tories, would you see Britain entering the Euro under Blair?
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    More moderate Prohibition

    Wasn't part of the reason for the spirits focus the fact that, since it was all prohibited anyway, if you're smuggling you'll want to maximise the amount of alcohol you're carrying? If you can get your beers and wines legally you're probably not gonna be as fussed about the spirits.
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    Nahuatl remains language of New Spain

    True, true; I did manage to forget that Maya was a thing - and then discovered that even right now it's spoken by a good six million people (across the Mayan language family), and as such is in rather healthier shape than Nahuatl is presently. I suppose then that any scenario that has Nahuatl...
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    Nahuatl remains language of New Spain

    One thing that could make this more possible could be if the ban on Indians in the priesthood in 1555 isn't passed, perhaps tied in with this: and thus you have Nahua priests manning the missions in California, Guatemala et al. That way you could have it spreading as a lingua franca of sorts...
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    Nahuatl remains language of New Spain

    So today I stumbled across the fact that, in 1570, Nahuatl was made the official language of New Spain; apparently, this state of affairs that continued until 1696 saw a great deal of Nahuatl literature being produced, as well as the language being taught by Spanish missionaries further south...
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    Getting a UK prime minister to lose their seat

    In the unlikely event that Major went in '95 you could have Rifkind or Portillo take over as PM and then lose their seats, assuming they didn't chicken run somewhere safer.
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    Aftermath of a Central Powers victory

    How would they? Even the German navy isn't going to be able to.
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XXXIV

    Once you finally reach the end, are you planning on publishing them together as a book?
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    Better Italy during WW2

    Of course, the less Italy does on the Axis side the less opportunity they have for doing stuff in the war full stop. Which, given that the aim is a less embarrassing performance, isn't entirely what I had in mind. An Italy that's still holding Libya post-WW2 is definitely interesting mind.
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    Better Italy during WW2

    It's not outside, merely that I wanted to give as close PODs as possible - the earlier a change is the bigger the potential changes. But an Italy that doesn't take Ethiopia is worth consideration.
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    Better Italy during WW2

    Inspired by discussions earlier today I thought I'd make a thread for the matter. Italy, going into WW2, was supposed to be a serious power, with one of the world's larger militaries, and at times it did perform with good results. Unfortunately, said record is marred by a performance in 1940...