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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Eh, I'd say it's fine, there've been lists that are just as small and short here.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Devs: "How can we make it blatantly clear that this is a game by a Polish studio?" Trailer:
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    Alternate Wikibox Thread

    I did a thing for my steampunk succession game (which is very cool) on the other place. Press F for Japan. 😔
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Oh, it definitely might not, but I still think the story hook is an interesting one.
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    Perse's Graphics and Gubbinz
    Threadmarks Destiny Made Manifest - Partial Map of the Americas, circa 1884

    Note, don't look at this if you don't want spoilers for the next foreign update of my succession game on the other place, Destiny Made Manifest.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I really like that Caligula idea, especially since I'm of the opinion that the man himself wasn't a monster insomuch as he was a victim of untreated mental illness that had the misfortune to grow up as part of an awful extended family.
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    Perse's Graphics and Gubbinz
    Threadmarks Citizen Day Title Card

    Title card I made for Citizen Day, a vignette I planned to write for the Thirty Third Vignette Challenge, but never got around to doing. It was meant to be a sequel to Papers, Please and set in the same timeline as that work, so I might go back to it at some point.
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Harry Turtledove

    The Earhart story mentioned in this article is out!
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    The Amelia Earhart story mentioned in the interview with Turtledove is out.
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    SLP is interviewing Harry Turtledove - what would you ask?

    Absolutely livid that my cocktail question wasn't chosen. /s On a more serious note, this was a nice interview, and I'm pleased as punch my question (at least, I'm pretty sure it's my question) on his favorite work of alternate history from another author made it in, even if he answered it in...
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    Perse's Graphics and Gubbinz
    Threadmarks Gemitus Brittanorum - Miscellaneous covers

    I did some very cool things for the very cool Sub-Roman succession game Gemitus Brittanorum on the other place, where my character ruled for a little under three years but ultimately changed history rather drastically by codifying the Mithraic Mysteries and creating a Mithraic Church that will...
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    WI: Axis Nepal

    While the idea of an Axis Nepal reclaiming the territory of Greater Nepal from British India pleases me greatly, this is more or less what would happen.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I googled it, expecting for the first result to be on the other place. First result was on Amazon, not just as a kindle ebook, but also as a paperback.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    Oh man, I remember this one-off/vignette thread on the other place ages and ages ago that I saw when I was in my teens that had Che Guevara inserted into the body of a 19th-century American (just found the thread and it's Nicholas Biddle) and it ended with him leading the 1833 slave revolt in...
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    The Revolution Will Be Live by The Vulture

    @Polyphemus I for one would love to read it! More alternate history works by queer folks is always a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. That, and from what's been said above, it sounds like a blast to read!