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    The Marble Man: The Guns of the South, The Lost Cause, and Harry Turtledove

    Oddly I think this is done less badly (though it is obviously still pretty problematic) in TL-191, which has a worse reputation overall. Longstreet's conversion is portrayed as for cynical reasons rather than idealistic ones, and he did support Reconstruction for similar cynical reasons OTL. So...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    French Revolution and Napoleonic PODs pretty popular pre-WW2. Kennedy lives seems a reasonably common idea, but I can't think of any works about it.
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    Maximilian I dies on the Asiago Plateau

    I'm not sure it would be seen that way at that point. The Emperor disagreeing with the Pope on theology and on the relative statuses of the Pope and Emperor is hardly an unprecedented situation, after all.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    This was a point that I did think of when I first saw the post. Trinkets qua trinkets are probably not useful. But that can spark someone coming at it from the Mexican angle wanting to understand where these soldiers were coming from, or someone learning about Sudan wanting to understand this...
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    WI: Congregationalist President

    I do struggle to understand how Massachusetts managed to have a congregationalist state church, it feels a lot like missing the point.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    The trouble for me is it ends up being a Labour one-party state. Wait, no, I just remembered Chuka's in the Lib Dems now.
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    AHC/WI: Bilateral secession/independence referendum in the United States

    Do territories count? Because Puerto Rico seems unlikely but a lot more plausible than any state.....
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    Africa During the Scramble: Prodigal Sons

    Being the guy who gets sent off with people to identify your friend who the same people (or close enough from your perspective any rate) illicitly sold into slavery and lied about it must be a pretty terrifying assignment. One wonders how it was decided who, exactly, would go.
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    Stronger British Monarchy

    It's not post-1834 but @Ciclavex's argument that if it was Alexander IV instead of Victoria he'd have been somewhat more successful in influencing things than his ATL sister and so retained more reserve power has something to it IMO. Though I think even that would be less Second Reich and more...
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    Simplified (English) Spelling

    I think you might be able to see something like Gough Whitlam introducing a Ministry of Helth stick around, but it'd only be one or two changes compared to OTL spelling now.
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    Africa During the Scramble: The Blockade

    Very good and interesting, although I think you have one instance of a 1781 where you mean 1791.
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    Liberal Party collapses in the 50s

    And the reverse in 1951 and even 1979 (less so 1970).
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    The King's Birthday

    Really enjoyed rereading this. Is the reference to the King's uncle meant to imply that Duke John II wasn't poisoned in Barcelona TTL?
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    Prequel Problems: The Animals of Farthing Wood

    Rereading it is specified that the Oath of Common Safety was introduced by Badger's father but Badger generally treats everything about Assemblies as an ancient hallowed tradition (and it's "only the second Assembly called in my lifetime", not "only the second ever"), and even Fox seems to treat...
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    Prequel Problems: The Animals of Farthing Wood

    One slight prequel error I would point to is that whilst I'm not sure it's explicit that there had been other Assemblies before, the way the one Badger's father chaired is referred to as the last Assembly and the Oath is considered traditional gave me a strong impression that whilst they were...