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Recent content by Omund the Wooden-Leg

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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    You chaps and lasses seen this?
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    Review: Very British Dystopias

    I remember listening to this when it came out in 2013 when I came back from college and before I got my own house. I was enthralled.
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    Timewreck Titanic

    I read and finished it in only a matter of days when I was visiting a friend in Senlis, France. Bear in mind, I was also reading "Lest Darkness Fall" by L. Sprague Camp. A amazing read, full of details about the Titanic, its sinking, and its construction I never knew before. It is sweet that the...
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    WI: Erich Muenter succeeds?

    If I may remind the readers and participants that in "Reds!", the U.S.A. entered the First World War on the side of the Entente in 1914 due to the current President interpreting treaty alliances in a way as to say the U.S.A, should help their allies in the War. What followed was hundreds of...
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    What would have happened if Australia had been partitioned in 1933?

    I could ask for a map of a joint Dominion/Commonwealth Australia?
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    Drake's Drum

    Your mug looks beautifull.
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    Scenes We'd Like To See: Alternate Movies, Television & Other Pop Culture Miscellanea

    Oooooh! Sean Connery as Gandalf! Imagine! Though, could you see him yelling at the Balrog: "You shall not parssh!"? They were saying on the "In Memoriam" segment on the news that later in his life he laid down the law that he didn't want to hear the "B" word ("Bond") in his earshot.
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    Scenes We'd Like To See: Alternate Movies, Television & Other Pop Culture Miscellanea

    Rest in Peace Sean Connery. Actor, singer, embarrassing dad, male modeller, and coffin polisher. You will be much missed.
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    Soviet Civil War in 1991

    I could see a lot of civilians lining up to fight in the Red Army militias on the pro-Soviet side. I take as my source for this statement the March 1991 referendum asking the Soviet peoples if they wanted to preserve the U.S.S.R.
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    1955-57: Return of the Stalinists?

    My prior opinion of Khrushchev was that he was a fundamentally good-natured man with big ideas, and just some of those ideas turned out horribly. Upon hearing of how "Tovarishch Corn" ended the more antagonistic aspects of the Cold war confrontation with the United States was "revisionist" by...
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    Review: All Our Tomorrows

    I have just learned of the existence of "Comrade Dad".
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    I suppose, with the extra money the Soviets are throwing in to their space programme, that money will not be going in to bolstering their armed forces (which was what the American imperialists were goading them to do) or keeping the People's Republics of the Eastern Bloc afloat, the Conquest of...
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    Review: All Our Tomorrows

    Those pesky Americans!
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    Unbuilt Paris

    Mum has read Alexandre Dumas's copious voluminous descriptions of Paris, and typically frustrated by the amount of detail given by the author on Paris.
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    Unbuilt Paris

    That elephant monument you see in the 1832 section of "Les Miserables" from 2012 makes sense now.