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    AH Challenge: Put a professional con artist in high office

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_H._Mitchell Most known for: Conning a his client out of his land (the lawsuit that resulted is more known for being the case that defined personal jurisdiction for decades) and a tendency to not be able to keep it in his own pants (and arguably pedophilia)...
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    Who could be a "Democratic Reagan?"

    That's part of it, but keep in mind Goldwater bandied about his ideology in Arizona in the 50s and changed both AZ political culture and the AZGOP long before that. You also see similar phenomena in California but a relatively stronger union base at least delayed it somewhat (though not by much...
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    Alternative Ideologial Spectrums

    From sociological perspectives, I think there's certain social cleavages political parties tend to fold around if it's not purely personal-patronage. Things like urban-rural, clerical-anticlerical, ethnic, and so on in addition to class. Each being more or less important as the situation demands.
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    Prequel Problems: Endeavour

    I mean, it honestly depends. To use a video game example, look at LA Noire, where even the main character has certain attitudes towards women that in today's LAPD would have gotten him fired. And most of the other characters are hardly enlightened. But it makes a compellong story.
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    The United States without World War Two

    Civil Rights is probably significantly delayed - a large impetus was American priorities during the Cold War plus memories of black soldiers fighting for extended periods of time alongside whites.
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    WI/AHC: Lutheran President

    Wiki seems to suggest Pawlenty is Baptist.
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    AHC: Loyal New England, Rebel Canada

    Canada maybe, but remember slavery was legal in every of the Thirteen Colonies.
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    No Mormons

    Even today, Mormons are big in the LVNV business community.
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    The End of Service?

    Oftentimes, yes. See George W. Bush, who spent his military service in the National Guard
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    The End of Service?

    It reminds me of some of the discourse over many riots in the 1960s United States, at a time where there wasn't universal national service, but enough conscription that it was a major factor in society. Oftentimes, locals, especially black locals, tended to IIRC be more amenable when the...
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    The Nominative Minefield

    Filipinos did it the other way round starting in the 1910-1920s, due to American influence in civil registrars. Before the 1840s, Filipino surnames were not standardized (usually if you needed one, you picked either picked the name of the local landowner, or a figure you were devoted to (such...
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    The Nominative Minefield

    Same for Maria. Like Ma. del Rosario.
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    Puerto Rico votes for statehood in 1993

    It actually depends (tm). Theoretically the Republican platform still calls for PR statehood. Also don't discount the impact of general flag-waving nationalism.
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    The Nominative Minefield

    Also, there is in some spcieties a trend to refer to someone by their second name when the first is ubiquitous. The most common instances are Maria in many cultures (so Pilar is actually Maria del Pilar) or Muhammad in a lot of Muslim countries.
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    The Nominative Minefield

    Legally a lot of courts don't understand that either - there is a case in California that hinged upon this fact, and the at the time uniformly Anglophone tribunal found that a signature was not correct because the signer had done so in the Spanish fashion. This actually led a lot of Latinos to...