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    Kindle rankings

    I didn't expect to stick around for a fortnight, I assumed Amazon would be rigged to shuffle everyone out in favour of the new stuff
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Well, that gets me thinking: - Roosevelt gets involved in the war in 1914, using the US Navy and 'soft' power to help Britain isolate and impoverish Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the Ottomans stay out. Germany sues for peace, bellowing LOOK HOW WE HELD OFF THREE SUPERPOWERS, and the...
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    Alternate Terminologies: Leftpondian Lingo—The Transatlantic Divide

    My wife remembers the time in Georgia she came in to find me bright red after speaking to her housemate, who had told me when it gets hot they just go around in pants.
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    Vignette Sunday: National Social Credit

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    Chamberlain Resigns, And Other Things That Did Not Happen discussion

    Term from back in AH.com for Grasshopper Lies Heavy stuff, where people would pretend they're from an alternate timeline and discussing what ours must be like.
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    Going Over The Top: East is East and West is West

    Good to see this series back (and I like the jab at Lloyd George criticising his own approved plans) And the lamb opened the seal and said, come and see!
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    Chamberlain Resigns, And Other Things That Did Not Happen discussion

    Thanks! The Bloody Fifties as Definite Thing was a dual nod to how certain things Always Happen in alternate history and a tweak at how Britain remember our colonial wars of the period versus people who lost them (i.e. "the what now?"). Finding a way to get it across naturally and not in a "as...
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    Review - Rommels Game: Victory at El Alamein & Towards the Caucasus, by Claude Stahl

    Yeah, when CSA VS NAZIS: THE STEAMPUNK WARS* is the main thing, digging up the ones that are good is a worthy goal. Handy to see all the new angles people find too * looks in wallet, hurriedly photoshops a model in a corset in front of two flags
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    Kindle rankings

    You#re right, Sunset's on the Hard Sci-Fi page - #23 on UK
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    Kindle rankings

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    Kindle rankings

    Drum is really catching on!
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    Chamberlain Resigns, And Other Things That Did Not Happen discussion

    Imagine what 'Operation Green Press's' version of Fight Them On The Beaches is like
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    Marx in Texas (Tex-Marx?)

    Saw shared around, "hey did you know Karl Marx almost emigrated to Texas?", which doesn't source that but does source that among the German immigrants who moved there in the 19th century, one was Marx's brother-in-law, and established a lot of small communities and had a lot of cultural...
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    Kindle rankings

    Looking just now in the UK: Drake's Drum: 5 Bring Me My Bow: 8 Boy in the Storm: 13 FTOTB: 15 Chamberlain Resigns: 20 Tales from Section D: 21 Caesars of the Bosphorus: 24 The Surly Bonds of Earth: 27 When the Hurly-Burly's Done: 32 Beyond the Sunset: Not listed A few big jumps there, esp. by...