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Recent content by Charles EP M.

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    Kindle rankings

    There was that brief spurt for Chamberlain Resigns last week, but that doesn't seem to have reoccurred.
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    Consequences – Forgotten Influences: Edgar Wallace

    It's always sobering to hear of creative Ozymandiases, leaving influence but little trace of their fiction outside of an old 1950s book in a charity shop swearing "Look upon my backlist and despair"
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    What would 1960s Nazi Germany actually look like?

    Much like how some punks wore swastikas to shock 70s England, I could logically see Greater German youths picking up bastardised iconography from the exterminated Jews, Romani, Poles, Slavs etc to be 'provocative'. And that it'd quickly be the youths of the 'right class', unlike punks, since...
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    Tom McCall and the Third Force

    TOM MCCALL, THE MAVERICKER #6: THE HADES ANGELS [cover of McCall kicking a biker off his chopper]
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    Going Over The Top: The Death of Empire (Part 4 - Turnips, Socialism, and Mutiny)

    I love the fact of the Bavarians going "hey, the Prussians are over there and in range of your guns, just saying"
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    Tom McCall and the Third Force

    That I'd like to see! Always good to see the more obscure PODs and ideas in the reviews. TOM MCCALL: MAVERICK sounds like either an old Men's Adventure paperback series and a 1970s/80s British comic strip. (Maybe a merger of Political Action! and Guns VS Huns meant McCall: Maverick had to be...
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    1912 Europe: May 9-10 - Russian arbitration between Bulgaria and Romania fails; Romania tries to seize Silistra, land that's meant to be theirs under the post-Balkan Wars Treaty of London, by force. Bulgaria reaffirms all its agreements with Serbia over their gains for aid. May 18 - Greece...
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    What would 1960s Nazi Germany actually look like?

    Economically? It'd be shit. There's a line in @Nick Sumner 's Drake's Drum, that the Nazified universities were churning out a lot of experts in eugenics and very few people who'd be useful in a 1940s industrial economy, and unless the Nazis noticed that and were able to change things before the...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    July 2019-September 2019: Boris Johnson (Conservative) Backed into a corner, his party and Cabinet starting to fray, and severely depressed that the job isn't how he dreamed, Johnson resigned shortly after the forced return of parliament. September 2019-October 2019: Dominic Raab...
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    Kindle rankings

    Huh. How'd the heck that happen, esp. as the last review it got was a _two_ star? Still, my bank manager will be happy!
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    Review - The Oregon War, by T T Drewett

    What made you go "a-HA!" and choose the volcanic eruption for your POD?
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    Fortress Afrika

    Found randomly via twitter - an alternate history serial called Fortress Afrika (I assume updated weekly and one patreons can vote on the followup) where WW2 ends in an armistice after Hitler's bumped off and in the 1960s, "you", a North American 'tourist', is visiting German-ruled Tunis as...
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    PAPERBACK RELEASE: Drake's Drum: The Peace of Amiens

    Paperback AH Books: "At least Drake's Drum will never break into our Top 100 on Amazon--" [sound of distant, approaching drumming]